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Celebrating 10 years – ServerMigrator Promotion

Celebrate 10 years with us by downloading, trying, comparing and purchasing our most popular software: ServerMigrator for just $99.00 USD including an enterprise, non restricted license for WinzeroTECH ServerMigrator, software without per user or per server licensing.There is NO EXCUSE for not owning your own copy of ServerMigrator.Winzero ServerMigrator at $99.00 USD is only available online by clicking on the BUY NOW button below…It has been 10 years since the launch of Winzero. Did we deliver on our “Make it great” promise? 9 out of 10 say YES.

Online Purchase

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Once the purchase is confirmed new license keys will be emailed to the email address provide in the purchase form. Allow up to 5 hours for confirmation during non business hours.

Your credit card or Paypal purchase will be processed through WinzeroTECH.

A WinzeroTECH Software License will be issued to the purchasing company, institute, school or business, without usage restrictions within one company.

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